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Re: tonsil stones??

I had my tonsils out 3 weeks ago because the terrible smell and mere IDEA of having THAT in my mouth was disgusting to me. I basically diagnosed myself, no doctors have ever been able to tell me that anything was wrong with my tonsils!! I read up on tonsil stones on a bunch of message boards and called an ENT (one that I had heard was very pro-surgery...I have heard that some won't agree to take them out) and went in there and told him I needed to have my tonsils out and he agreed. After the operation he told me that when he had first looked at me, he didn't think my tonsils were that bad (meaning I guess he wouldn't have recommended me for surgery if I hadn't asked him) but once he took them out he said they were absolutely FULL of some disgusting cheese-like ***** substance and when he squeezed them they were absolutely oozing the stuff. ICK!! That had been in my body for wayy too long and I'm so glad that I finally took it upon myself to look into my bodily symptoms since no doctors had ever been able to diagnose anything. I'm sure this was going on for at least a few years. Anyway my surgeon says he thinks I will be feeling much better now, and supposedly since your immune system is no longer being compromised by infected tonsils, you see an increase in endurance and energy!! Yes the surgery was painful but I wouldn't have had things any other way, I'm so glad to get those terrible infected bodies out of me!! I would so recommend it for anyone who has re-occurring tonsil stones!