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Re: Problems, and then some more problems!

Dear Ryan....I did it. I called the son-in-laws parents yesterday (how fitting) and told them how I felt. That I loved their son very much BUT he is not the only one who lost her and after 10 years of worrying about everyone else's feelings it was time I took care of mine. Explained that I had talked to their son several times in the past couple of years and he agreed that all should be with me BUT nothing ever surfaced so I feel he is inacapable of handling htis and I don't want to be the one who hurts him anymore so would like to take care of picking my daughter's things up with them since all is in their home. Both agreed although the father was a little cold at the end of the conversation. He said it wasn't a good day to bring it up to his son. WHAT???? NO S&*^(! He didn't think I knew what day it was. So it's done. Hubby will pick everything up today. I know this will be hard for me so I'm not sure if I'll go through anything or even look at her wedding gown until next week when the second eye surgery is done. I hop you are well, although I know sometimes you feel better a day or two after surgery and then as healing begins so does the pain. Prayers are with you.