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Re: Problems, and then some more problems!

Oh Ryan ..It never seems to end does it? I am sorry you have to go through this to God willing get releif from the constant pain. Makes you wonder at times doesn't it? Have pain, treatment is more painful?????? Time seems to be the answer to everything. If it is indeed an answer.

I knew you weren't going to make the decision for me BUT I had to voice my feelings to you to see clearly ( No pun intended). Yes I do believe there is a probelm there. I don't think either parent bellieves anyone else was hurt or suffered this loss but thier son. It's OK. They're parents but it's not Ok at my expense anymore. Time's up. I know it will be difficult and I will do the best I can in my own time. I still have one of her handbags still in tact from when she was maybe 16 and had just met her husband . There are keys, a rabbit's foot and a picture of the two of them maybe 15 years ago. I can't seem to still change anything in there, take anything out, toss the handbag so just imagine how I'll be with her possessions at the time of her death and her bridal gown and veil. Oh My ! this will not be easy but it's time. I have learned lately that my life does not have to go on as it was when she was alive, and I have no idea why I thought that. I can go on in a different way much more suited to me now.

You are a dear friend and I only wish I could take some of your pain away. How are you emotionally?

Dr. says eye is great. the brightness is dying down somewhat. God only knows what everything will look like after Thursday. At least I know it's all done and recuperation is in the process at that point it can only get better. Hoping the same for you.