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Re: Problems, and then some more problems!

Originally Posted by Phoenix1 View Post
Dear Grasshopper:

I will give you time to let everything "sink in" and will explain my situation tomorrow.

Take care.


I recently found out that my daughter had sexual relations with a 16 year old boy and has been looking to others, as I cannot be there for her like before.

I didn't realize that it affected her so deeply; for her to "act out" in such a way.

She won't even talk to me about my injuries, for now she fears that I am going to die(as I have had full custody of her since 1996).

OH GOD!(tears)

I didn't know.................I just didn't know.

If I think about it, she was only beginning to "hang around the wrong people" after my accident.

My life spirals out of control and it was a matter of time untill it affected her.

We went to the family health center today for her results;everything negative.

Next month she begins with a counselor/therapist, as she needs an outlet.

This past Saturday we had a DVD movie night..............

Sorry; too emotional right now.

Now the stimulator.

Ortho surgeon wants to see me in a month, with respect to my cervical region. Tells me that my leg weakness may be permanent but with exercise...........i've done the PT, so he says that it may correct itself and that he is not the surgeon who performed the fusion(I could see his anger in that the lumbar procedure was a failure).

Have to schedule an appointment to see my neurosurgeon and have an appointment today with the doctor who gave me surgical clearance.
If it were not for my faith and really wanting a better QOL for both my daughter and self, I just don't know.

Take care.


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