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Re: Anyone here try or on Lyrica?

Originally Posted by sammyo1 View Post

1sunny1, what were some of the worst symptoms of Fibro, & could it be all left sided? that is what is confusing me, I worry they will say I have It because they cannot find out what is really wrong, I have such bad swelling, muscle spasms & pain, especially in the upper chest on left side. Did you have any of this? Headaches have come on all of a sudden weird, had migraines years ago, but these headaches are strange all consuming. Really afraid of migraines coming back, even my ear hurts & left side of throat. It is probably my neck, I feel like I live on an ice pack, I will definantly be calling pharmacist tommorrow to make sure it is not a rebound headache from some of these meds, sorry for the questions very curious. Been on prednisone in past for around 8 months terrable withdrawl coming off, this time no steroids help much at all, shocked me how little relief I got, & how inflammed I remained, on elavil many years ago for the migraines, pretty nasty for me, hoping for the Lryica, we will see. Sammy
Sammy, I believe that fibro for everyone is different, we may have some pains that are alike but many of us have different things going on. You should go to the the National Fibro Association web site, or just look up fibromyalgia and you will find many web sites that talk about it. I don't know if people just have one sided pain or not, but I am sure it is possible. I am not sure that Lyrica is going to help with the headaches, it seems to be for nerve endings, which would definitely help my feet and has already helped my hip area. I agree that the headaches are the worst, they can be debilitating. Ask your Doc to have an x-ray taken of your neck, it will definitely tell you if there is arthritis or not, or something else. I think that for me, it is not the fibro causing the headaches but the neck problems. I forgot to mention, there are pressure points that a Doctor can do to see if you have fibro, but believe me, you don't have to have everyone of these pressure points to have it, and if you don't have any, it is likely you don't have it....I hope you don't have it, it is a terrible thing to have to live with, let us know how you are doing and what you find out.

Take care, Sunny