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Lightbulb Re: Help Wanted: Endometriosis

Hello Julie12155...I tried Dep when it first came out...I bleed for 6 months straight...when I went back to the ob/gyn to get new b/c she said if I took another shot I might not have a period at all...I didn't want to take the chance...My sister had the shot a couple of years ago...she bleed continuously and had major migraines for 6 months...personally, I have enough pain as it is...Also, I wouldn't put something in my body that I couldn't remove immediately if the side effects were too severe...logically, I can't believe your dr. would even recommend Dep when there are so many "safer" b/c's out...I would want to have one that I could switch if the s/effects became too strong...take care...I.

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