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Re: Anyone here try or on Lyrica?

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If you are not comfortable about increasing your does of Lyrica wait until you are that is what I did. It took me a little while to get use to it also. As your dose is increased the nerve pain you are feeling will go done. I noticed that and if I forget to take the Lyrica, I start feeling the nerve pain. I really understand where you are coming from.

Have you ever been to a Chiropractor? If you haven't, that might help with your neck & headaces. I have four buldged discs in my neck. I do get headaches from time to time and also numb hands. The Chiro helps alot with that. The last thing I need is for my neck to start up.

I am still trying which route to go with my back. Fusion or Artificial Disc!
Take care Sammyo1


If you son't mind, what do you take Lyrica for?

PS - How do I get my SMILES to work????


I have 3 fused discs in my neck with another one being fused soon (as well as one of the other one's redone). I have extensive nerve damage from my neck to the tips of my fingers on my right side. The Lyrica is taking a while to kick in but I can see improvement. Nerves take so long to heal or respond to meds that it's easy to get frustrated and give up.