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Re: Anyone here try or on Lyrica?

Are you sure you are having mirgraines????? I do know there are meds for them directly....I have never had one but my father does....however I do have from time to time awful headaches but they are occipital headaches. They are sorta like migraines but not. My eyeballs and neck hurt bad for about 5-6 hours. And nothing but time makes it better. No meds work. I was told by one of my pt's that it is when C1/2 rotate and do not rotate back.

Sammy about lyrica...I got so tired at first...then with time it does not affect me at all. I take so much together that it actually hypes me up for a few hours plus I add a energy drink to the mix in the morning seems to help alot for some odd reason.

I take the 75mg 2x a day. Can take it 3x but only do that when i have breakthrough pain. Sometimes I am not sure what pain is what. Nerve pain or just pain.

My triceps hurt all the time as does my shoulders and neck. My hands and fingers hurt most all the time. I type during the day and at times my arms tire so much I have to rest between lines....ha

Hope those headaches get better.