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5 year challenge - need guidance

I am a twenty five year old, otherwise healthy man. I have issues with anxiety, which I believe spill over to my bowel movements, but would like some other opinions. Starting about five years ago, I noticed that my bowel movement had flattened. Along with this change I noted lower abdominal discomfort. I noted the change and went on my way figuring if it continued for the suggested two weeks I would see a doctor. Well, before the two weeks was up, my stools and ab pain went back to normal. Too make a long story short, this happens about two times a year for the past five years. I have noticed that the change occurs in times where my stress level picks up, and Ive also noticed that the change lasts as long as I continue to stress about it. After the most recent attack, I was suggested to use psyllium fiber, which immediately put everyting back to normal.

After reading some posts, I thought I could use some help. Could this be an obstruction in the colon if the stools go from flat back to normal, and since they are normal most of the time. How about the psyllium fiber, can this mask a problem? Also, why does the attack come with the abdominal discomfort? And why does the ab pain also just go away once the anxiety goes away? Could anxiety be a factor in the casue of all this, or on my next attack should I seek a doctor.

If you have any answers or advice, I would appreciate it. If you need more information, just let me know.

Thank you.

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