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Hi Monster Bunion,

I have the XP Walker Pneumatic. Generally, toes should not show. If they do, it is the wrong size (at least that was what I was told when I was fitted).
Yes, it does get hot. I am a teacher in and went back to work last week during the hottest days of the year (97-99 degrees) and most schools in Dayton do not have AC. I'll tell you it was HOT. On Friday, I was so uncomfortable that I asked to have my class moved to the library with AC (administrator was a pain the butt and gave me grief about it, but let me do it), I had to change my socks twice that day. There are times when I just take it off and sit with my foot in the air. Even though it is hot, I still find it more comfortable than a shoe at this point. I am allowed to wear a stiff-soled shoe as long as I have no pain, but most of the time the aircast I am most comfortable at this point.