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Here I am still searching for answers. 1yr. later...

I was searching for answers, STILL..... I found my own post. It is almost 1 yr. old now and I have no relief.

I had blood tests that show ongoing elevated WBC, only 1 time was it normal at 10,200. My thyroid was better.

I now take Neurontin, Flexeril, mobic, ativan and vicodin. But I am still in constant pain. Unless I do like I do because I cannot function to go to work, so I double up 2-5/500 vicodins and then run out and feel like a junky and cannot function to do much of anything until I go back to see the doc for a refill. He has been giving me the same low dose for 1 yr. I keep telling him it is not working for me and what I must do to get by.

He doesn't care. No doctors seem to take me seriously. I am in terrible pain all the time and it never goes away.

Right this moment, I have:

swollen feeling and pain in my left face/jaw/tongue/neck/shoulder
burning sensation in my tongue and down my left arm
My entire neck is stiff and hurts to look up or side to side
I have pain and tightness under both shoulder blades, near my spine
My right arm feels cool and tingly when I look up or move my head forward
This all causes me terrible anxiety as well
I have pain in my lower back and down into my leg and ankle it feels tight
My jaw does pop on both sides annd grind and always has, but this seems like way too much to be TMJ

I don't know where else to go or what to do or the BIGGEST question, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??????????

Every doctor tells me to see a psychiatrist. Yes, it is causing me mental issues, but I am NOT crazy and I feel insulted.