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Question Is this too much B12 in a day?

I was diagnosed b12 deficient a few months ago. I got four shots in four weeks, then was only taking it orally until I had another level taken four weeks later. That level was around 500. According to the nurse at my primary doctor's office they don't do injections if you're over 400. So I have continued taking it orally, 1000mcgs every morning. I just started taking another 1000mcg's at night because I was starting to feel tired and a little tingly again. Not as bad as before but I didn't think I was geting enough. Is this too much to take every day? It does seem to be helping although it's only been three days.

Also, I had posted once before about how important it is to get to the root cause of the deficiency. My primary said there's no need to but I am thinking about calling the gastro doc anyway. Thoughts?

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