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Re: does Acupuncture work

I tried it for chronic pain from repetitve strain injury in my arm. After the first treatment I felt like a new person, I was able to rasie my arm above my head for the first time in three years without pain. A few hours later the pain came back into my arm. I continued treatment for six weeks and never was pain free like I was after the first treatment so I stopped going.

Even if the acupuncture improved my condition, I still would have discontinued
treatment because the pain from the needles going in was horrendous. Before my visits I would take prescription pain killers or stop in a deli for beer, I would take anything to numb the pain from the needles! The head of a physical therapy facility where I go for treatment had the same experience as me, he said the needles were very painful, and his nerve pain was only temporarily relieved.

I would never subject myself to that torture again, ever. You are better off with just anxiety (I'm not making light of your problem, I'm an anxious person also and have suffered with it for many years), than anxiety with a depressingly painful treatment like acupuncture.

I don't know how successful acupuncture is for your conditions.

Good luck!

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