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Dont know what to do.

Well here goes try to make this short. I just turned 40- and I have turned some kind of sexual corner so to speak - whatever it is I dunno but I have found that I can acheive multiple orgasms in a matter of say 15 mins. Ok this is really embarrassign but I need help. Anyway with that being said- I have no one to share this with- my husband of 17 years hasnt wanted sex or kissing -nadda for about 8 years of our marriage. I am quite attracive( so people say) curvy lady - I mean nothings wrong with me physically - I dont know why but we havent been into each other for quite sometime but make good friends. Anyway the problem is I want sex SO bad I can hardly stand it. I really dont know what to do. Now that I seem to be in some kind of sexual prime or something I cant do anything about it. I was NEVER able to do that when we had sex before- we were married very young. I mean I can do what I need to for myself -so thats at least something nice. I recently found out that he has had a love affair online for YEARS - love you- I love you too kinda stuff- I read part of an email so I know its true. Anyway I am furious and heartbroken all at the same time and I dont know what to do. Yes we have talked - communication is terrible - he just lies so that gets us no where- yes, talked about counceling he says go if you want to- plus counce(gosh I spaced on how to spell counceling that doesnt look right) ling... I feel wont help if he isnt honest and lies through the appointment then whats the point?? HAS ANYONE been through anything like this- or anyone have any advise or idea what they MIGHT do in this situation? Please help. Thanks for reading. Lady fair hair

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