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Re: Dont know what to do.

Lady fair hair hi!
Congratulations! You seem to have reached your sexual prime at last! It happens to ....the best of us!!!
Now the nasty part is that you have no one to share it. And the even nastier part is that you
a. have no communication to speak of with your husband and
b. no sexual intimacy.
My question is, what other things do you share that are so strong to hold this relationship together for so long? If you can list those things which still hold true and you still want to be married to this man, I would suggest you find sexual relief alone! A lot of people do...and have reached an equilibrium...and a compromise.
If you cannot list many things that hold you together, then the answer is easy. Find the strength to look honestly at the relationship, try to salvage it by stating you needs and demanding that they be met and if you cannot, then look elsewhere , first for emotional support and secondly for sexual enjoyment and intimacy....
God bless