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Re: Anyone here try or on Lyrica?

Backinthesaddle, That sounds like it could be, mine is almost all on left side, but indeed my eyes hurt almost feel like they start to swell, Pain is unbelievable, so is pain from migraines, that is something I will look into, thanks alot for the info, I feel swollen in the neck (neck is cracking alot) & upper chest area,lots of muscle spasms in chest, neck feels stiff lately, headaches just lingeres there, could this headache you are mentioning be primarly left sided? I know nothing touches the pain med wise. I just uped the Lryica to 75mg aday ([email protected],[email protected] lunch), so we will see, the side effects from [email protected] bedtime started to diminish so felt is was safe to try to up it, I hope it helps, will wait to see what doc wants me to do from this point with the Lyrica. I am still on low dose as far as I know. By the way headaches always want to come on strong around same time every evening/early night, they are there linging all day, had them couple times during early day but mostly around same time frame in late evening anyone find that strange? My sister thinks it is because the end of the day neck/upper torso is agrravated, but I find it odd, it is 9:00 am & I can feel that headache lingering on that left side so I hope it does not kick in early today.Same time frame to me seems alittle strange any thoughts on that?

Sunny, thanks for replying, I have heard that with doctors & fibro, what a shame the medical community can't agree. Sooner or later someone has to label this something, takes so darn long to get into these doctors. It is enough to drive you crazy, What kind of headaches do you get? Thanks again guys don't know what I would do with out all of you, your so much help. Sammy

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