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Re: After back surgery - success

Just thought that I would update this thread in case anyone else reads it in future. Its now 7 weeks post discetomy OP and I went back to work this week.

The first 3 weeks post OP, my back was sore and aching. I could sit on a hard chair for half an hour and walk for about 15 mins.

Week 4 : I could walk for about an hour and sit in a hard chair for about 1 hour.

Week5 : I could walk for 3 miles without problem. My back still aches but its not painful. I can sit for a few hours at my PC.

Week 6: Same as above but I can sit longer.

Week 7 : Went back to work. Driving no problem. Back ached after about 5 hours of sitting/standing, but it got better towards the end of this week.

Back still aches a little bit, but not too much. The trouble is, I have started to get quite a few muscle spasms down my left leg (this is the leg that was affected pre surgery). Hamstring, calf, toes. Its quite unpleasant and I think its going to cramp up, however, it doesn't.
I'm unsure if this is good news or bad news. I shall wait and see. I don't intend to do anything apart from walk and mild stretches for the next 6 months.

Will update again in a few weeks.