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Re: AVM seizures - should i have taken meds

thanks for replying
no i never had a seizure in my life - and 1 day in 2002 october - my leg went numb - i guess cause i started working in a restaurant and there was a lotta physical work involved - and so i wen tto the hospital and that night i got my 1st grand mal

and even now whenever i start working out i get a seizure in the 2 d week of starting to work out - I love to stay fit - so now i just go for long walks - and will slowly start working out with very light weights to stay fit

I THINK - seizure occur due to work out due to strain n arteries and veins - as in my case i had a AVM - which was taken out - but since then i cannot strain myself physically

Have you had a CT / MRI scan ? and what were the results ?

thanks again