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Re: Hi

nan, welcome aboard, how long have you taken the lryica? I chose to increase in very small increments because of the side effects. I believe it is a very expermental drug for different types of nerve pain. I can say in some way I feel better but in others I don't. That is a shame about your surgery & if you have been on the lryica any large amount of time I cant see why your doctor has you on it if it is not working. I hate to hear of people going through the pain of surgery & still having pain after. Is there anything else they can do for you? I believe you will find the boards very informative & supportive. As for me I will be seeing a rehab. doc. in sept. have to wait of course. I do not want to end up on a large dose of lryica, and need to make sure they are in no way linked to these headaches, they stared shortly after starting lyrica, went off for a week headaches started went back on & headaches still here. so we will see, once again I believe you will find these boards if anything at all a huge understanding support system, good luck to you, Sammy