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Re: need serious advice about my new endo's advice/treatment

I think what this guy meant is that the T3 in Armour would make your thyroid levels go up and down during the day and that the TSH would not reflect that. TSH is a pitutary hormone and NOT the most important number. The T3 in Armour tends to supress it to 0.

They would rather have you only on T4 meds and dose this by the TSH only. That is easier for them. They can then say you are cured and never mind the messy Free T3 level and T3 treatemt. They would rather deny that a low Free T3 level exhist or that is causes a low quality of life for many of their patients. They would rather blame low FreeT3 symptoms on other things like, depression & aging.

So if you have the TSH and Free T4 optimal and still have hypo symptoms that they say are from depression instead of testing and treating a low free T3 you may get a prescription for something like Prozac! A low Free T3 level may feel like depression and the adrenal insufficiency that may eventually happen feels like anxiety (and they have a pill for that too!).

But even with all this suffering and pill taking it is still easier or them to deny that the low Free T3 is the cause of it all. And they can give you all kinds of reasons about why the low free T3 does not need to be tested and why it doesn't matter. They can even scare you into thinking that taking T3 is dangerous!

I say... the Free T3 is just as important as TSH and Free T4 & needs to be tested as often as TSH and Free T4 , even when you are feeling good. You need to know what the free T3 is when you feel good too (so you know what it is when you feel good!).

Cytomel didn't work for me. But the reason is because I was never on a high enough dose of it and my adrenal were shot!

The makers of Synthroid have spent billions promoting their drug to doctors.

I understand how angry that guy made you! Good for you for knowing that you don't have to keep going back to this guy.

Good luck in finding a doctor who will help you & listen to you; there are some out there. Don't you know these guys hate the internet! We are now armed with information & don't have to rely only on what they say! You probably made his as angry as he did you (and hopefully he is getting more and more patients who question his treatment).
25 years feeling worse every year on Synthroid & 13 months feel good on Armour Thyroid.

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