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What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...

I've been without herpes symptoms for a week now and it's truly felt like a blessing (and I'm not a religious person per se). As many of you know, I've been posting on here for about two years, since I started having OBs. My symptoms truly have been daily for two years now because I refuse to use prescription meds. I'm glad I've refused, just look at that other thread about hair loss due to long term use of Valtrex and Acyclovir! I've tried to go it the natural way even though it's been difficult physically and emotionally having itching and burning and tingling everyday! I haven't necessarily had sores every week, but the other symptoms were there.

So what I have been doing differently for the past 6 weeks is taking Colloidal Silver 2x/day and making zinc gluconate capsules into a wet pasty ointment by mixing with hot water and applying the paste onto sores or irritated areas of skin 1-2 times daily for at least 30 min at a time. Within a few days after starting to take Colloidal Silver I had a massive OB that lasted a full month with a tangible sore popping up every day or so and still a couple of them have not entirely healed, that's how big they were! So during that time I used a lot of zinc gluconate ointments on myself and boy did that sting! So if you apply that stuff make sure you're at home and can run to wash it off after 30 min. It's messy, too because it's a white chaulky mess. If you do decide to follow what I did, make sure to take acidophilus pills daily too because Colloidal Silver is hailed as a natural antibiotic that viruses, bacteria and fungus cannot become immune to. I noticed I got a yeast infection because I was not taking acidophilus pills to protect my natural intestinal flora. It's also important to take a true colloidal silver because there are a lot of imitation ones out there. The one I switched to after doing research and finding out I was taking the wrong one was by Source Naturals called Wellness Colloidal Silver with 30 ppm. I can buy it in my neighborhood nutrition store.

I've truly felt 98% normal for over a whole week now! This is amazing for me! I may have to treat myself with Monistat for a yeast infection, but I've been trying to avoid it by taking acidophilus. Since I continue to take colloidal silver my body is going back and forth with the flora issue, making me imbalanced, so the acidophilus is keeping me for the most part balanced.

I wonder if my history of almost monthly yeast infections has had anything to do with the continual battle I've had with herpes, too? It's very possible that I've had difficulty diagnosing myself with yeast infections because they cause such similar symptoms. So what I thought was herpes many times could have been a yeast infection that went untreated and created a pH imbalance down below that spurred on a herpes OB! I don't know why I have such a bad history with recurring yeast infections, but I have since my teen years! I guess I just may have to live on taking daily acidophilus pills. Maybe simply keeping my yeast problems at a minimal will keep that pesty herpes at bay, too! Anyone else seen a link between the two?

I also take these pills everyday: olive leaf, green tea, Neem Seed, daily multivitamin, melissa leaves, Omega-3-6-9, and of course refrigerated acidophilus pills.

I'd love to hear reactions to my so far success and the possible link between yeast infections allowing a gateway to herpes outbreaks.

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