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Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...

Hi Oceanus -

I've been waiting for this post!! I've been really curious as to how the colloidal silver worked out for ya!! I'm so happy the initial "cleansing" period seems to have finally run it's course, and you now have some relief. That's great!!

As you know, I don't suffer from this the way you have, so I can't really comment much. I also have only had one yeast infection in my life, and that was before I was diagnosed with herpes, so can't really comment there either. I know that herpes is often misdiagnosed as yeast, but you would already know that as well. I don't have any idea about a link.

But all the power to you for sticking with it, and I'm happy for you that things seem to be improving!!


(FYI - I never treated that last sore I had with the zinc gluconate - went back to the Dr. and he decided it was a herpes sore after all - just an area of "thinner vesicles" or some such thing. He's swabbed it to be sure, but we're both confident that it's not a herpes sore.)