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I'm kinda worried..... please help


I have been on birth control for almost 2 months now and its been great for me. Well last night my boyfriend of almost 8 months and I had sex and the condom broke. The bad part is that he didn't pull out before he came so he came in me. I know there is a possibility that I could still get pregnant even though I'm on birth control. the question is:

Should I keep taking the birth control? I mean what if I am pregnant right now and I'm still taking the pill because it's too early to tell? I mean is it going to hurt the little baby if I'm taking birth control and I'm pregnant and dont know it?? I mean I dont want to hurt the baby if I am. I dont really want to be pregnant but abortion is not an option for me and we have both already decided that the baby would be loved and taken care of by both of us if I do become pregnant. I mean there is no way to know if I'm pregnant or not till I miss/dont miss a period right? I just didnt know if I was still soposed to take the pill. please give me your opinion


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