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Question Re: Dont know what to do.

Thanks for the replies to this- thanks very much.
Yeah I would agree (obviously) that no sex isnt a reason to leave as I am still here. But you are right about the lying and cheating part. Thats what hurts the most. I feel like I am in a box and have no real good options here. He is not the person I though the was and thats really heartbreaking. I just cant believe he would act this way. I would agree that hugs and kisses etc ...all are a sign that he loves me- so I guess he doesnt - what other conclusion would I come to? This really sucks. I like the marriage part but I guess not my partner.

Heres another thing. WHY, does he say that he doesnt want a divorce, says he doesnt want to "BE with her" and they just write to each other. Well I dont believe it because I cant trust anything he says anyway.

I guess the reason that I stay with him is that everything else in the relationship is OK. Hes a GOOD father, provides everything we need ( I am not sayign $$ wise- we are ave in that dept) I mean stability in the home for my SON - hes the one I am most concerned about and I DONT want to mess thigns up for him. Our environment is very secure and safe for him- we dont fight, nothing is the matter -its just the loving thing. So do I give up being loved - in love - intimacy- etc etc? Or leave when my sons 18 and settled and say SEEYAA!! Dont let the door hit ya in the *** on the way out!

AM I settling - or should I say I am lucky for what I have? I mean I know someone cant figure out what I should do with my life... I am just confused. I am a level headed person but I guess maybe when its in your OWN back yard a person can get very foggy headed. Im wondering if anyone has been thru this before or anything like this????

Thanks for any help I really appreciate it so much!