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Re: guilty again!

Originally Posted by bevann26 View Post
well i'm back from my summer in nh, home in fl again.
hubby is still smoking and it is really bothering me knowing there are cigs in the house. my will power has been zero. i did'nt smoke even one for 2 wks, then i started smoking one or two of his almost daily for two wks now. i thought i was being smart because i still was'nt buying any. well, that ended yesterday, i bought a pack. we were celebrating my sons bday and i really wanted to socialize with wine. i cannot drink any alcohol w/out smoking, so i ended up smoking the whole pack, plus a few of hubby's.
i'm really down on myself today and have not smoked. i'm hoping that was one mistake and now i can go on being a non-smoker!
by the way i am still taking chantix, i have 2 wks left out of a 3 mos supply..maybe i need to get another script?
thanks for listening....bevann

Hi bevann,
i am a 64 yr old male who smoked most of his life; i stopped in 1983 and unfortunately began again in 2003. I went for acupunture four months ago, one treatment that cost me 175.00 that insurance did not cover. I have been smoke free since the treatment. A routine physical revealed 3 blocked arteries in my heart. Last tuesday {28th} i had open heart sugery, triple by pass. i can only suggest that it is never to late to stop smoking, i know it is difficult but my clogged arteries were caused by smoking.
Good luck and i wish you well.