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Re: What has helped me with my continual daily OBs...

Hi Oceanus - i can just imagine the sheer relief you must be feeling to go a week in some sort of peace!!

I too was having regular o/b's, not as regular as yours, but mine for some reason seemed to be triggered by ovulation as they would occur within a few days of ovulation. It would occur every single month and sometimes one o/b would finish and then i'd get a 2nd or even 3rd, which would virtually take me to my period.

I experimented with taking echinacea drops prior to ovulation as this gets the lymph moving in the lymph glands and helps the immune system. I did notice a difference and i either didnt get an o/b or it was very minor. Then it got to the point that i would forget to take the drops by the required time and i would get an o/b and then i sort of gave up.

At the same time i was being treated for extremely low iron bordering on anemia. I was seeing a specialist who put me on a high dose iron supplement and this got my iron levels up a bit, but i couldn't get them up higher. In the end we resorted to iron injections.

Oddly enough, since i've been taking the iron supplement and particularly since my series of injections, i haven't had any actual o/b's. There may have been the odd time or two that i felt an irritation in the spot i'd normally get an o/b, but i would apply carmex ointment on it and i wouldnt feel a thing.

I know that very low iron levels (it's the ferretin levels you need to look at on your blood test) can lead to so many things within our bodies to go a bit out of kilter and the longer you are iron deficient the worse damage it can do. I used to think i was simply tired from having a hectic job along with other things which were happening in my life, but now that i've had these iron injections i am beginning to notice the difference between simply being worn out from a days work compared to the constant tiredness and lack of motivation i felt before.

I dont know how else to explain a long year of constant o/b's and then doing such a sudden about face??

As for your yeast infections, it's true that yeast and vaginal herpes can have very similar symptoms. I take a probiotic which has a number of the good bacteria strains in it and not just the acidophilous. They state that a variety of good bacteria is required for varying parts of the stomach/intestine area. I dont know if this is an advertising gimick, but i take it daily and twice daily if i'm on antibiotics and i have never had a yeast infection since, which surprises me as recently i was on two different types of antibiotics at the same time and no yeast infection, which i found incredible. Normally i'd get one at the drop of a hat.

I used to get back to back yeast infections about 10yrs ago. I found a doctor who treated me internally for it with meds and a strict diet for a month to help starve the yeast. Have you ever done anything like that? Did you also know that some foods help to keep our body alkaline, yet some contribute to the acidity. You can look up alkaline and acidic foods on the net and it gives a list of foods to avoid or eat more of. Do you have a good and healthy diet?

Now that i'm feeling better due to my iron improving, i find i can do exercise in the morning before breakfast. The interesting thing i learnt is that jumping up and down on one of those mini trampolines is a natural way of getting your lymph moving without taking the echinacea. I do this morning and night and i find it fun, it's something you can do indoors and you dont just have to jump up and down you can jog or skip on it too. Perhaps the combination of doing this plus the iron has helped.

I also refused to take the drugs. I had enough of my hair constantly shedding due to my low iron. Have you had a full blood test to determine whether you are defficient in anything which could possibly be contributing to your situation?

That's about all the info i can contribute, but i truly hope you find something which works for you long term