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Re: Dont know what to do.

HI Coty thanks for reply- yes I see what you mean and yes its true- its not like he wouldnt ever see him again. I guess its hard to describe how it is around here - I dont think it would be better because everything fine and as far as he knows - nothings wrong. But I can see how in certain situations... I think it would be best for a couple to divorce or seperate if there is a tension or fighting or whatever that makes the living situation hard to deal with. And I agree - not all kids have that difficult of a time with it. Im probably going over what happened to me and how I felt about my parents divorce. But hey I turned out alright! Ha! He just turned 17 so I guess thats another factor that I really dont have that long to deal with hub and this mess. He is a senior and doing his senior year in a accelerated program (comm college) so that when he graduates he will have a two year degree as well. Then he will go to a University somewhere for the rest- so I can wait I suppose. The more I think about it, and the more I see how it doesnt have to be this way- I think Im going to leave. I dont have any worries about finding someone else- as I didnt have any trouble when I was single. Who knows maybe a whole new life? Maybe someone to truley be in love with and who loves me? Honesty and communication. Now THAT would be nice.

Hi Keyer-- Thanks for the reply- Appreciate it alot. I agree- without honesty and communication there is nothing, and we have neither. I dont understand why he wont talk about it. I dont think he would go to counceling either because he probably doesnt want to let someone else know what he has done and continues to do. He knows its not right but doesnt care enough to change what hes doing. I have learned one thing from all this -- that I cant change his mind or really know what another is thinking - ever- as much as I think I know someone... and I really thought I knew him- we were such good friends- eyons ago. I cant control what he will do with this whole situation and have to just let- it- go. I am not in love with him so when the time comes, that will make things much easier to move on. Also, from a males perspective, why do you think ( if you have any idea ) he wont talk to me about any of this? OPen of course to females perspective too-

Thanks -I really appreciate any input, advise, experience etc that anyone can share.