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Re: Dont know what to do.

That sure sounds familiar Coty- I feel like yes he is good in certain ways, I guess thats just not enough though. I would love to have that In love relationship and sometimes I weonder if its possible. We have been married a very long time ( well I guess todays standard anyway) it will be 17 years in a couple of months. We were so young and I wonder if that has a lot to do with it. Can I ask how long your parents have been married? I am assuming its been a long time. And if your moms not in love with him... does he feel the same? I guess when you are with someone that long (like your parents) it gets to be like your lives are so intertwined with each other and breaking it off gets to be so tough.

You are crazy about your husband... I have never been in love- I had two "boyfriends" before him - one was one year long - next was 3 years and the next my husband of 17 years. I dont think I expored enough and I married a friend. Like I said I dont know what being in love with someone is...or at least CRAZy about someone that is crazy about you BACK>>>> Is that even possible? Well duh - if course it does. I think that must be incredible! Thats wonderful what you have with your husband. Of course there are up and downs and all that... but you have a certain LOVE basis to go back to...?? I know marriage is never perfect but you have that. I liked my boyfriends too before but I wasnt really crazy about them.

Anyway thanks alot for reading I appreciate your ideas.