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Re: pregnancy after downs baby

I felt the same way 8-10 yrs. ago. After our first had DS, I was terrified to have another child. My husband and I could hardly talk about it for at least a year. It was too painful. We knew our chances were greater and weren't sure if we could handle the heartbreak of a second DS birth. 3 years later, we finally got brave enough to try. I was nervous throughout the pregnancy. We did not do amnio or anything else because we were not going to abort a baby. When she was born, we thought for sure we saw DS in her face. We had to get 2 peds to come and check her thoroughly to verify that she did NOT have it. It was a wonderful moment. We've since had 2 more non DS children. Each time we had a 1 in 100 or greater chance to have another DS child, but it didn't happen!

Having the one is such a blessing, but also very hard. I think having 2 would have been too much for our marriage and my sanity.