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Re: Dont know what to do.

No No Thaliak, you didnt, thats what I am asking for. I agree TOTALLY about the grass is greener on the other side thing and I kinda sound like I am having sort of a teenage mentalitly about this whole thing. I was kinda worried about sounding like that - and it did probably come across like that. Funny that you mentioned that becuase I am fully aware of how things dont last and thats exactly why I married him. I thought that at least we are good friends and can last rather than having some kind of torrid love affair with someone that doesnt last. I thought our friendship would last the test of time and well I guess it did - at least in years- and yes we have been married long- but now that hes interested in somone else I am left here wondering wow... what did that get me?Left me with as far as a relationship goes- never really having love. But I have A beautiful wonderful Son and if I had to do it all over again- I would just for that reason alone so thats the positive thing. So yeah I totally know what you mean about some fairy tale life or something - thats not what I am expecting for sure. I understand thats not reality. I am just wondering if there is a happy medium? I married him thinking that there is NO such thing as a prince charming fairly tale life and I better go with something secure and someone I truely enjoyed being around. More on the basis of good friends- and lovers- but we dont have either of those now- tells me you never know WHAT will last.

It hurts to see that hes making plans for something else and I did tell him - in no uncertain terms... that he better let me know if hes a leavin' cause I dont want to be sideswiped and suprised left to say what the ****?? To please give me fair warning-- I deserve that. He still says "no I am not going anywhere." Well then why continue to keep on with this person? I feel I have some kind of rights because I am his wife and he shouldnt be doing this... But I dont think I can control a person - and tell them what to think or how to feel. Am I right or wrong? What would you do if your husband or wife was doing this? Would you demand that they stop or else you will leave? I am wondering how people feel about that.

Thanks again for comments!! Its very helpful!

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