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Re: Dont know what to do.

My mom loves my dad, he loves her, but there is no communication anymore and they do not have a good relationship. I doubt they are more than friends at this point. They've been together for 30 years and I am not considering crazy sexual life here, but devotion and companionship and giving everything for each other. I would love to see the two of them having that, either together or separate, but I don't see my dad trying anymore, and my mom is giving up.

I think it is absolutely possible to be crazy about someone for a long time. I have been with the same person for 4 years now, and I am still crazy about him. I die for him to kiss me and hug me, he and I work really hard in keeping a sweet and loving relationship. We try to keep a constant flirting game, but it is again not about sex. It's about making the other person feel loved, wanted and respected. We email each other all throught the day, we leave little notes for each other in the house, we think on how to surprise each other quite often. And we are honest, we don't lie to each other. I think that would terribly hurt our relationship. Because both of us have a tacit agreement of trust.
What I enjoy the most about him is the great friendship that we share, we talk about everything, we confide in each other and we seek advice in each other. When youth is gone and we finally become old, those are the things that will remain, and I think (and hope) we will always have that.