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Re: Dont know what to do.

Hi Coty - I just wanted to say that WAS EXACTLY how we were even at 8/9 years of marriage and then all of sudden it changed. I would say to myself how lucky I was to have him because he was the type of person and we had such a relationship that I KNEW he would NEVER ever cheat or just be plain dishonest. NEVER ever with out a doubt never! Cant even begin to say how CERTAIN that would NOT happen. I was exactly where you are today( IM NOT SAYING your spouse would do anything like that -please dont get me wrong at all ) Im saying that I felt just like you- and thats why I am at a state of confusion and disbelief and, well ...a mix of emotions that I cant begin to describe. I would hear women say how they cant trust men... I would think OH... Im SO lucky my MAN would never do that and that I know for CERTAIN>just because we are best friends... never lie to each other... all that. We had a good realtionship / a good sexual relationship ,everything was good and we expected to be together forever like everyone does. Now 8 years later and he hasnt touched me - now 8 years later I seem to be in whadda ya call it - a prime? Sounds so cliche' but I dont know how else to describe it and now he doesnt even know. Well, I wouldnt want to have sex with him anyway- toomuch has gone on now- so it seems like there is no salvaging this. I dont know what to do -I feel so alone. It really sucks that he has been so careless and disconnected.

You are a lucky gal and I hope you never have to go thru this. It sounds like your relationship is solid and he is a good man. ~ Enjoy
Thanks for taking the time to write me- I love this board. ~LFH