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Re: Prayers for Everyone

Hi Chance
Your dad is in my prayers and I pray that the chemo is as kind to him as it was to me. I had the taxol/carboplatin combo every 3 weeks for 6 treatments. Chemo day was a long one with 5 hours of infusions plus seeing the doctor, blood tests, and all the setting up the chemo. And then I still had to wait for the bus/van home.
In the beginning it was hard to tolerate because it was such a shock to the body. (I had cyberknife radiatin to my brain prior to the chemo) I made myself keep a normal schedule. I got up every day, showered, got dressed, even went outside for awhile, even just to do a short errand. I did not want to lay on the sofa and watch TV all day. Make sure he keeps up with the nausea meds and if they aren't working, call his chemo nurse and see if he can get something different. I used compazine and zofran for 3 days after chemo, then just compazine. Oh and I discovered (at least for me) I felt better if I kept food in my stomach. So never let the stomach get empty or it can become really nauseous. (HAHAHA, I gained 15 pounds!)
I think my body became used to the chemo and keeping active and eating the whole time was a plus for me. I hated losing my hair, but it started growing after #4 treatment.
Sending your dad all the prayers for healing I can.
Be Blessed.