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Question Unexplained Bruising

Hello everyone. I'm desperately hoping someone can help me.

For ten years now, since I was 21, I've been getting bruises for NO reason. I'm not talking about bruising easily. I'm talking about bruises that come from nowhere.

I'll get them on top of my feet or on my arms and they're usually small and dark redish-brown, but not always. Just last week, I had matching bruises on each of my arms, a few inches above my elbows, on the back of my arms. They've just now gone away.

Every time I've looked up unexplained brusing I just get directed to sites that say you can bruise easily if you take lots of ibuprofen and stuff like that. I haven't been able to find anything that talks about getting bruises for NO reason.

I've never gone to see a doctor about it and for the past five years or so I haven't had much money and I've got no health insurance, so I won't be seeing a doctor anytime soon.

Please, any info you can give me will be appreciated.

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