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Lightbulb Re: mentally drained

thanks for the suggestions, and the welcome back!!! I have been in this town since January and haven't met alot of people. I think you people are awesome and very sincere and supportive, I feel comfortable telling my probs here, I am checking into medacaid for payment and in the process of getting dr letters in order. it is a long process and alot of paperwork. In the meantime, I am stuck in the middle of a divorce between sis and b-i-l. He's got the business and the money, (lots of it!). He loves to be in control and take care of everyone financially. He spends money out the butt and doesn't think twice. In his mind, WE blow money!! He has no love or compassion to give to his child or wife, and never has, only money. He wants us to write our financial needs on paper and he will provide. He makes over $200,000 a year and He never put anything in writing for me, ie, job description, income, insurance...nothing!!!! Now, he,s giving me nothing, my sis is trying to get some relief for me thru the divorce because we think he asked me here so that she had someone to provide for her when he split..left the marraige! I can't go back to my other job. I am staying with my sister. She and my neice are the most important, after my son. I can't leave. She and my neice need support and we will tough this out together. The last time my sis had a near death surgery and barely survived, all my B-I-L's reaction and response was...if she dies, "What am I going to do with all her stuff"! He is a sneaky, fake b---ard and a control freak! I am a recovering alcoholic and.... I have relapsed and got an OWI that is another story. I think I'm going nuts! I need strength, I am afraid and on the verge of losing it! Anyone got advise?

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