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Re: does Acupuncture work

I HIGHLY recommend acupuncture! In fact, I had the same problem as you. After coming off the birth control pill after many years on it, I was suffering from terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I had anxiety while on the pill, but it was horrible coming off it. I never wanted to go on meds for this problem and I was 'this close' to doing so... then I had a consultation with an acupuncturist (who was also a chiropractor).

Let me tell you, it has been a year and I feel so much better. At first I went once a week for a few months, then tapered it down some. My acupuncturist told me I probably was suffering from hormonal imbalance and referred me to a compounding pharmacist. The compounding pharmacist gave me a hormone test and after getting the results he created natural progesterone tablets tailored to what I needed.

The combination of both these therapies helped me. However, I did not start the progesterone until a few months after the acupuncture. So I did notice a decrease in my anxiety with just the acupuncture alone. Please at least give it a try. Don't be scared about what you hear about it hurting. Does not hurt a bit, just feels a little prickly at first. You get used to it. Good luck and feel better!