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Re: What could it have been?

do these episodes always follow an asthma attack or does the numbnes and tingling come and go at other times?do you get the migrane 'aura' before the headache sets in?is the headache always one sided?how do you rid or treat your migrane?have you even had any type of an MRI done on your brain and the c spine?if not,i really would(in light of the ongoing symptoms)ask your primary to refer you for a contrasted MRI done on your brain and c spine areas.these two areas would be the most likely areas that if something were not right,the types of symptomolgy you are exhibiting would result.they should just be evaluated fully with an MRI,with the contrast added to highlight mostly the vascular structures and other areas within the c spine that are just easier to make out when contrast is used vs it not being used.if this were me, this is what i would want done just need that good look into these areas if for nothing else,to rule them out so you can move onto other things.its just the best most logical place to start.seeing a neurologist or depending on the MRI results,a good neurosurgeon just for an evaluation would be a good idea too.but begin first with that MRI.hope there is nothing major really wrong here but if something is indeed going on,the sooner you know the better ya know?please keep me posted as to how things are going,K? **
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