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Re: What could it have been?

hi thanks for the advice, as im in england i have to get my doctor to refer me to a neurologist(which isnt going to be easy as they arent very good and we will soon be changing doctors so fingers crossed we can find a better 1)
the numbness and tingling doesnt seem to come at certain times, i even mentioned this to the doctor when she said that its an aura for my migraines, as i dont even get a migraine after this happens(and never have) but she wouldnt listen and still insisted that was what it was, so i really dont think it is that
i havent ever had it happen this bad before, and i havent had an asthma attack before this 1 for a couple of years so i havent had this feeling from asthma attacks before
ive never had an mri done as the doctor has got it into her head its all to do with migraines and nothing else is causing it, the migraine is always on the right of my head(which is also where the numbness and tingling usually comes, but they dont seem to me to be connected, as in they never come around the same sort of time as each other)
i think im going to have to have another trip to the doctors on monday and see what they say this time and if they still insist its from my migraines i will hve to get a 2nd opinion