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Re: guilty again!

i'm sorry to say this but my personal opinion is that your husband is not being very supportive and thats a shame. its so much easier when you have the support of those around you. its great that you want to better yourself by quitting but a shame that your husband is not willing to help you. if he is unwilling to leave them in his car maybe you could compermise with him. ask him to hide them from you in a place that only he can get to. maybe in a locked drawer that only he has a key to. its much different going in the other room where you know he has them (where they are easily accessible) and completely another thing to have to go to the store for them. i'm not going to go to the store at 11pm just for smokes but if i know they are in the other room, its easy to go get one. try asking him to hide them. that is the only other advise i can come up with.
as for the being strong thing, its not always easy. i was at a wedding last night with my fiance' and i seriously tweeked out. i had a few glasses of wine and all i wanted was a smoke but i talked to him and he reasoned with me. it didnt calm the craving much but it got through to me why i dont want to smoke anymore and what my goals are. keep those goals in mind. you can do it!!