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I have seen that Glycolic Peel on eBay before.

A 70% Glycolic Peel is wayyyy too strong for your skin if you have never used glycolics before. Yes it will work to clear up scars and acne....but it is also the reason you probably have a bunch of redness and peeling. For better results, try starting out with the 30% glycolic peel they offer and the working up to the 50%, and eventually the 70%. I've read in some publications that even 70% is too strong for the face.....that glycolics in that concentrated amounts should only be used on the body. So be careful and if you continue to use it definitely don't use it too often.

An even better route would be to purchase a glycolic cleanser like MD Forte Glycolic II cleanser. You can get this on eBay, from dermatologists, or on some internet websites. This would be better for you because it still has a high amount of glycolic acid like you want (more stable, too), it will reduce acne and discoloration over time, and since it is rinsed off immediately after application (or after a few minutes if you choose to leave it on) it will be much less irritating to the skin. I have seen great results in a short period time with this is the only form of glycolic acid I use.

Hope this helps!