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In the Hospital,Stopped Breathing

Hi Everyone,

Haven't been around for awhile,had to go stay with my
parents.I had 32 seizures in 10 days.Luckily I was at my
parents when the first one hit,it was a GM( I don't have
too many of those).Since I was at my parents they made
me stay with them,then after 4 days with 23,started to
feel better came home for 3 days when I had another,my
Dad came and got me so I could be there for their labor day
party.After party had 9 more,then I had another GM, my mom
said I stopped breathing and my face was turning really white,
they took me to the hospital and was admitted for 2 days.

Just wondering has anyone else ever stopped breathing,or had
problems with breathing?Is that normal with a GM?

My doctor is now for the first time wanting to take me off all my
meds and put me in hospital for the 48 hour evaluation.I think it
was all due to the few days I was on Zoloft,then after coming
home and having a few more was due to my usual catamenial
seizures,just not granmals though.That is why I haven't been around

Sorry for rambling, any opinions will be appreciated.
Feeling much better now

Take care,Sherri

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