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Re: In the Hospital,Stopped Breathing

Hi j2006,

Thanks,I am feeling much better.My doctor has now increased
my Keppra to 500mg. in the morning and at night.They took
me off of Ativan and put me on Klonopin.I cannot stand this
Klonopin,I called my doctor today to get back on the Ativan,I
called late,so I haven't heard from her yet.The Keppra is making
so tired as it did a few years back when I was on 3000mg daily.
I hate it also.Still on tegretol.The Klonopin makes me very dizzy,
I lose my balance and cannot walk straight,also my vision is very
I am not sure when my hospital visit will be,I have to go back to
see my doctor on the 17th,and we will talk about it then.

Take care,Sherri