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Re: Absentmindedness and zoloft

Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
I had that on Prozac, along with short-term memory loss. I could remember something from a year ago, but couldn't remember what someone just told me two minutes ago. I had to write everything down. For example, if I went to the store for more than two items, I had to make a list. My husband has a bad memory anyway (he's not on meds), so it was like the blind leading the blind alot of times. I also I couldn't 'find the right words' when I was speaking, felt like an idiot. These are pretty common side effects with SSRI's I think.
Hmm, I do get depressive episodes from time to time, which can be debilitating, but I started taking it mostly for anxiety, mostly social anxiety, and I have noticed that I ALSO can't think of the words to say. It's so embarrassing! That just seems to make my social anxiety worse!

Lol, I guess you can't win either way!