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Re: Seeking Ideas on Burning Sensation; Chest/Upper Back Area

Chb & CHK, thanks guys, the nearest emergency room would have been like an hour away, I knew it was the pain causing the heart to race not to mention being behind the wheel, I was pretty desperate to get out of the car. What ever snapped in the scapula area is keeping this pain going. Don't know ladies I guess my frustration level is at the highest it has been, tired of waiting forever for these docs, then they all lecture me about being careful about the pain meds, which I am super careful & can't wait to get off them.
I will tell you I took half a xanax for the anxiety when I got out of the car. Heck I was a nervous wreck. Don't you find it funny the doc's lecture about the meds, but move slow as a turtle trying to get control of the problem.

I am glad you both have hope with the chiro & injections, I am going to try the massage therapy (hope insurance will pay) then maybe chiro, beats sitting around waiting for doc's to make up their minds. I am sure you both understand how bad I want my life back. My husband starts radiation tuesday, he will be tired & I need to be able to contribute more so I can't sit & wait anymore. I don't want him worrying about things I want him to focus on himself. wish me luck, Sammy