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Re: problems after fusion of the big toes

Hey Linda, to be honest I think you can live with bunions all your life.... but people choose not to because of the pain, etc.... Then again, I don't know how much pain you are in. Bunions run in my family, my mom has bigger bunions than me (she's 50) and I chose to have surgery (I'm 18)....(only got the right foot done, severe bunions) My older sister has bunions too they are smaller than my mother and I. Everyone in my fam was against me having surgery too... My uncle was showing me his bunions & was like it doesn't hurt at all... And a lot of my aunts have very big bunions. And they "supposedly say" they do not bother them. The thing I do not like about bunion surgery is that it seems like the recovery period is shorter than it really is. It's really frustrating too. Do you use orthotics or something to ease the pain? This decision can be hard because the outcome is not always positive. Good luck on whatever you decide.