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Re: Tired of all this pain!!!

Thanks everyone,

Yes we all have our fare share of stuff don't we.

I feel sick to my stomach from pain today and I don't like that. I have also been up since 4 am this morning. and took the pain meds at 5 am so can't take them again untill around 11. WHatever!!! I just have a pissy attitude right now.

I have the worst spasms and pain today and on top of that I have some family issues that are out of control. They don't even live near me and I am allowing it to get to me. There is a lot going on in the family. Small thing grew to a big thing full of emotional hurt and lots of dysfunction.

So all that junk makes me feel worse!!! Also sad about it too.

It will hurt me to go and sit through an hour and a half AA meeting this morning but I am just so darn sad about my health and now all the family crap that I gotta get out of myself even if it means to sit in that meeting suffering in total pain. I can get up and leave if I need to. It is only like eight blocks from my house incase I gotta leave in a hurry.'