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Re: Is partial soft pallet and uvula removal worth it?

The benefits out way the risk. I had my tonsils and partial uvula removed as well as my deviated septum on August 29th 07. I had severe sleep apnea. Immediately, I noticed an improvement. I'm actually dreaming again, I'm getting REM sleep finally. I still have a sleep disorder that prevents me to get to sleep so I still have to rely on pills. But, once I'm asleep, I'm getting the restful sleep that I need. I would definitely recommend it. No, I did not have problems with my speech and swallowing. Of course, the first few weeks are difficult. I would def. go through it again knowing the benefits. I was using a cpap, but that failed as I kept taking it off during the night, possibly due to claustrophobia or possibly discomfort and I did go through several masks and a reduction in the pressure but no relief. If works for some but not all. I prefer the surgery more than anything. I had my doubts but, most seriously am happy that I had it done. My suggestion, is to get it done. Surgeons usually do the deviated septum on a different day, but I wanted both done at the same time. If this is your route, which I suggest. You have to be careful. As you can't do any sneezing. That's why they do the surgeries separate as if you have the deviated septum repaired and not the tonsils and uppp removal you can sneeze through your mouth, but having both done at the same time, you can't sneeze through your mouth or nose, be careful. Any questions please ask.