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Re: In desperate need of some advice

"Now that I am a mere 4 weeks away from my surgery I am having second thoughts. Am I too young to be making such a major decision?"
You are not too young to make this decision but you don't say what your 'second thoughts' are. What is it that you are worried about? advise is that if you are having second thoughts then you didn't ask enough questions so write down your questions and then either go in for another visit or call and speak to the nurse/doctor re: your concerns.

I had a hysterectomy at age 27 because of similar problems and was more than happy to be done with it(but then I had 4 kids by then). However, I kept one ovary and it kept me from going into surgical menopause. The pain of recovery is no different than anyone with major surgery and they give you the appropriate pain meds etc.