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I finally saw Pain Mgt Doc

Hey everyone,

I have been reading the posts everyone has been writing for the past few days. I havent been around a whole lot because I've been concentrating on my online classes since that's the only thing that I can concentrate on being home day after day.

Today I finally got to go see the pain mgt doctor. He was very good, he took time to talk to me. I brought my dad, and he was very skeptical over this whole thing from the beginning. Now he understands a lot more and has seen first hand what my foot looks like and what pain I'm in when it's not elevated.

One weird thing was that my temp was 100.3 degrees and my blood pressure was really high. I ALWAYS have excellent blood pressure, this was the first time this has happened. They want to keep and eye on it cause I'm young, only 25.

So he gave me some options of treatment. In the end what we decided on is he put me on Neurontin, I have to build up to 300 mg 3 times a day. Then I will start physical therapy twice a week, and he scheduled me for a sympathetic nerve block on Oct 23rd. Each doctor I have seen (orthopedic, then neurologist, now this guy) all confirmed it's RSD and they want to treat it to see if I can make it go into remission. I'm very hopeful this is going to be a good thing. I just wanted to let all of you know.

Thanks so much for all the support you guys give. I'm so sorry for all of you dealing with WC, I'm beginning my fight now. I hope all of you are having good nights and I'll talk to you later!!


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