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Re: Babies 9-12 months - how many bottles a day?

Hi Kelto, I actually was thinking about you this morning at 4am.
For a few days he was waking at 2am then again at 4 or 5 for his bottle. So I let him CIO at 2. NOW he sleeps through the 2am waking (then bottle at 4 or 5), but is waking at 12:30 now instead!!! I feel like I'm losing my mind!!

But, to your new question...
My DS takes 4oz early, 4 or 5, then another 4oz at 8am, 8oz at around 10:30, then at 3:30 sometimes 4oz sometimes 8oz. If he takes 8 oz he'll take another 8 oz at 7:30pm, But if he only takes 4oz, he'll take 4oz at 6pm then another 4 oz at 7:30pm....